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A Beginner’s Guide to Permanent Eyeliner

It can be frustrating trying to get your eyeliner right. Sometimes your hands shake. Perhaps you applied more ink than you intended. Whatever the cause, it seems you can never get one eye to match the other. Fortunately, permanent eyeliner offers a solution to those tired of wasting time during their makeup routine.


If you haven’t heard of  this type of procedure, it may seem daunting. You’re likely wondering, “how long does permanent eyeliner last? Is it safe?” There is no need to worry; here, we will guide you through the ins and outs of this cosmetic technique.


What Is Permanent Eyeliner?


When you opt for eyeliner tattoos, a cosmetic professional will apply ink to the area along the lash line to create permanent eyeliner. The procedure lasts roughly three hours and involves the use of an ultra-thin needle to deposit pigmented granules into the skin. Given that your chosen technician is a licensed professional, the procedure should be entirely safe.


You can furthermore customize your desired look. Want thin lines? A natural look? Or do you prefer winged eyeliner? The options are endless.


There are some things to keep in mind when preparing for the procedure. If you wear any lash extensions, for example, remove them a few days prior to your appointment. If you wear contact lenses, you must take them out before the procedure begins. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol 24 hours before the procedure; also avoid taking any aspirin during this time.


Does Tattoo Eyeliner Cause Pain?