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Here is Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Scalp Micropigmentation

As we age, it is typical and expected for many individuals to undergo hair loss and this process can be genuinely stressful for some people. Thankfully there are some accessible solutions to help alleviate your concerns. Scalp micropigmentation is one of them and can improve your quality of life if you spend a lot of time trying to conceal hair loss or are seeking hair growth options that genuinely work. 

Hair micropigmentation might be an excellent next step if you still feel self-conscious about your scalp showing through your hair or have grown impatient with how long hair growth products take to show beneficial results.

Read on to learn more about this practical beauty treatment, and see if it is right for you.

Does the Procedure Hurt? 

Hair micropigmentation is a semi-permanent method of concealing hair loss using pigment or ink to imitate hair strands or follicles. The pigment is physically implanted into the skin, as it is with all forms of tattooed-on makeup. The procedure can be done using a tattoo device or a hand tool, creating little specks that give a shaded look when spaced close together.

While hair micropigmentation is more comfortable and more accessible to endure than other hair transplant procedures, it is not without some moments of slight pain. With a tattoo machine, you can expect to have needles and blades involved. However, you should not feel too much pain as practitioners now employ different solutions to help alleviate the pain involved. 

Patients are treated with topical numbing cream before the micropigmentation process. After numbing the desired area, the technician will use a tattoo machine to replicate follicles or hair strands in which pigment will be imbedded, filling areas of the scalp with scant hair or baldness.

What to do After the Procedure? 

The aftercare is pretty straightforward: you want to let the treated area heal without exposure to water and sweat. That means you must refrain from washing your hair or doing any physical activity that will cause you to sweat. 

You can wear a hat to hide any redness from the treatment, but try to avoid wearing one for too long, as this can cause you to sweat if you are outside in hot weather. Avoid exposing your scalp to direct sunlight as much as possible, and remember to wear some sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your scalp from sunburns.

Any Side Effects? 

Scalp micropigmentation procedures rarely have any adverse effects. The majority of people report redness and itching in the treated area, which generally goes away after a few days as the skin heals and recovers.

Quick color fading, scalp tightness, and enlarged or swollen lymph nodes are rare side effects that can occur due to incorrect technique and should be addressed immediately by a physician.

Cost and Risks Involved 

Scalp micropigmentation is not the ideal solution if you have keloids, psoriasis, or other skin sensitivities. This treatment is not for you if you are pregnant, nursing, or using any blood-thinning medication.

The treatment price depends on where you get it done and how much of it you require. Costs can easily range between $500 to $3000. It is always important to research and find the right technician for you. 

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