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Answering All Your Questions About Lip Blush

Permanent to semi-permanent makeup for lips have become increasingly popular. Many people love how it enhances their features without extra effort and need of touch-ups throughout the day. 

Lip blushing is waterproof and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals found in many cosmetic products. This makes it an excellent alternative for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

What is lip blush? This article will help you determine what you can expect during a treatment, the lip blush healing process, and tips on proper aftercare.

What is Lip Blush Treatment?

Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure that adds lip colour and improves the shape of the lips for definition and the impression of fullness. You can think of it as a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that brings a more natural look than fillers and offers long-lasting results.

What to Expect During the Procedure


Before the procedure begins, you’ll choose your desired lip colour. Generally, this will be a few shades darker than your natural lip colour and will be customized to you. The technician will go over the desired shape you want and will often map out your shape before starting the procedure.

A topical numbing agent will be applied to minimize pain and discomfort. Avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin beforehand, as they can increase bleeding and bruising. Once the numbing cream takes effect, a tiny mechanized needle will begin inserting pigment into your lips. 

The needle creates numerous tiny dots that build up the colour gradually. The lip blush process is done in multiple layers to create a natural, even tone.

Although everyone tolerates pain differently, most people feel a slight pinching sensation during the procedure. The treatment will take between one and three hours.

How Will Your Lips Heal?


You can expect some initial swelling and tenderness for the first day or two after your lip blush treatment. Ice or cold compresses can help reduce these symptoms. 

Your lips will feel dry and begin to flake for up to two weeks which is just part of the healing process as the surface of the skin begins to repair itself. It takes about four weeks for the tissue underneath to heal.

Never pick at any scabs, as this may cause scarring or uneven colour. During the initial lip blush healing process, your lip colour will appear very light. This is temporary and in the next few days, the desired colour will emerge.

Approximately six weeks after the initial treatment, you may need to get a touch-up that will correct any area that heals too light or needs enhancement. The second layer of lip colour will create a more enhanced and longer-lasting effect.

Aftercare for Your Lip Blush Procedure


Lip blushing can last several years but some lifestyle choices can diminish the results quicker. Avoid direct sun exposure and intense workouts for a few weeks until your lips have healed.

Other factors that can affect the results and speed up pigment fading are smoking, lip exfoliation, and excessive sunning. If you have oily skin or an iron deficiency, this can also cause the results to fade faster.

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